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Album AU FIL DU RASOIR at CASTERMAN dedicated in Audincourt in 23/10/1993.
It is a portrait of me, looking like enough, with a dog.


Cycle GORN, #1 MEME LA MORT ... at VENTS D'OUEST dedicated in Audincourt in 23/10/1993.
Still one of the most beautiful inscriptions which I possess. The tables of inscription were in fact tables which one finds on the terraces of eating houses, where the author and I even sat. He spoke about his series while realizing this complete page, the whole in 20 minutes.


Check out the dedication of YOANN the designer of the album.

Album PHILKAOS at TRISKEL dedicated in AngoulÍme in 24/01/1998.

Album NINIE REZERGOUDE at DELCOURT dedicated in AngoulÍme in 28/01/2000.


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