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Cycle ARKEL, #1 LES SEPT DIABLES SUPERIEURS at DUPUIS dedicated in Cousance in 12/12/1998.

Cycle PIERRE TOMBAL, #3 MORT AUX DENTS at DUPUIS dedicated in Grenoble in 23/09/1989.


Album LES TROIS CHEVEUX BLANCS at AIRE LIBRE dedicated in Audincourt in 15/10/1994.


Album SARAJEVO-TANGO at AIRE LIBRE dedicated in Illzach in 11/11/1995.

Album UNE NUIT DE PLEINE LUNE at GLENAT dedicated in Barsac in 06/10/2012.


Hirn and Brunschwig, Tif and Tondu for the close friends, are of the region Franche-Comt/Alsace in France. I saw them in all the festivals of comic strip so we become friends.

Album SIXTY BLOCS at NEO dedicated in Audincourt in 12/10/1996.

Cycle LE POUVOIR DES INNOCENTS, #1 JOSHUA at DELCOURT dedicated in Audincourt in 10/10/1992.
For this first dedication, Brunschwig wrote on a small sheet the text accompanying Hirn's drawing and whispered in the surrounding noise. Here is the text: << Gilles, nimble, perverse and slender, the evening in my arms, in our sheets! Has fantasy on me, caresses me with his fingers! Kisses my lips, gives me fever ! Gilles, I love you. >> It was frenzy and we began all laughing. Since, we meet ourselves with pleasure.

Cycle LE POUVOIR DES INNOCENTS, #2 AMY at DELCOURT dedicated in Obernai in 25/06/1994.
Even the scriptwriter BRUNSCHWIG begins making dedications for the pleasure.

Cycle LE POUVOIR DES INNOCENTS, #3 PROVIDENCE at DELCOURT dedicated in Angoulême in 27/01/1996.
Still the scriptwriter BRUNSCHWIG who has done it for the pleasure in Cousance. For Angoulme's dedication, a small adversity it is produced. Jazzy and I participated in the broadcast Vecteur Jeune on FRANCE 3 TV of Dijon, on the occasion of Angoulme's festival (the presenter star was completely irrelevant by wanting to treat this broadcast as the others: too seriously). During the trip from my house to Dijon, I burst twice, so I got this dedication.

Cycle LE POUVOIR DES INNOCENTS, #3 PROVIDENCE at DELCOURT dedicated in Cousance in 07/12/1996.

Cycle LE POUVOIR DES INNOCENTS, #4 JESSICA at DELCOURT dedicated in Illzach in 07/11/1998.

Cycle URBANGAMES, #1 LES RUE DE MONPLAISIR at LES HUMANOÏDES ASSOCIÉS dedicated in Illzach in 06/11/1999.


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