Here are some interesting addresses for the amateurs of comic strips. Good WEB :

Site of publisher CASTERMAN
Site of publisher DARGAUD
Site of publisher DUPUIS
Site of publisher DELCOURT
Site of publisher GLENAT
Site of publisher PAQUET
Site of an amateur of  TURF
One finds a lot of informations about the author and its productions (comic strips and goods). I supplied some images for this site very pleasant to visit.
MIKI's site, friend, who created world ANTARIA and its inhabitants with her friends.
But it is also a story to be read and developed. Furthermore there is a gallery of images created by its author " MIKI " and her friends.
YIU by RENÉAUME Site on the comic strip YIU by RENEAUME publishing by LE TÉMÉRAIRE.
ARKEOD by MITRIC Site on the comic strip ARKEOD by MITRIC publishing by SOLEIL.
Urbicande's site This site is a part of "Cités obscures" by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters.