Exhibition in the MONTBÉLIARD's MADISON-NUGGETS shop on 2003

On the occasion of a competition organized by GLENAT for the exit of the #13 album of the series GIACOMO C. of GRIFFO and DUFAUX, we have (the manager, friends and me) realized this decorate.
It consists :
    - Of 2 big panels (wooden frame and cloth tightened) paints in the hand according to a compartment of GIACOMO C.'s album (it is a sight aside of the place Holy Marc).
    - Of a column of retaining structure of the shop transformed into marble column (wallpaper in the hand).
    - Of a foot of cardboard column stuck and painted.
    - Of a wooden quay for gondola realized from palette for box.
    - Of a gondola mockup realized in blue tissue and box paints in the hand.
    - 2 lanterns hand-made of which one lit.
    - Of a PLV and a mask supplied by GLENAT.

One it is amused well during the realization of this decorates, and in more, the manager to be won the 1-st price for the competition (3 days in Venice).